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Best Time and Cost to Ship a Car and get a Low Car Shipping Cost and Auto Transport Quote.

The best time to ship a car is in the summer months when all the snow birds are home for the summer and college students have already shipped there cars home for the school break. This is a slow period for car shipping and transporting cars.

Another good time is when the snow birds are heading to there seasonal home when car shipping traffic is one way and there are many car carrier companies and truck drivers competing to finds cars to head back to places like Florida to New Jersey, Chicago to Miami, Illinois to Florida, Ohio to Arizona. New Jersey to California and Texas's. Your savings can be from 150.00 to 250.00 from the original ship rate. Keep in mind fuel prices are very high and the drivers need to make a living and maintain there trucks. so we need to help them and pay a going rate. because with out trucks costs for shipping a car will be much higher due to availability, of trucks.

If you are having a hard time shipping your car due to location or a dead zone then you must either raise the quotes price to the actual ship price or move the vehicle to a city where there is more traffic and business. I help many customers who have received a low quote and the car does not move un till the right shipping price is met and the driver can make money transporting you car or truck.

If you are buying a car remember the end of the month is the best time to buy a car from a car dealer and think of where the car is and where you are to estimate the quote. This may add premiums to ship a car. Always consider the weight and size and type of vehicle you are shipping this will effect your cost and reflect the quote.

Best time to ship your car is when the seasons for snow birds and students cars are in transport and your car is going to where their cars were picked up. If you are in the north east trying to ship your car in the fall the availability of car carrier spots are limited because 1000's of people are shipping cars. some people pay from 700.00 to 1200.00 COD from NJ to FL just to get a spot on the high season and others pay from FL to NJ 300.00 to 600.00 COD.

People ask why a deposit? Deposits are necessary to get your car loaded for a low quote and keep the cost of shipping you car low. Because a low quote means a waiting price or get lucky price that there is a cancellation and everybody is looking for the low ship price for there vehicles. If I find a driver for a 250 to 300 discount and I have to call you for a deposit to reserve the spot on the car carrier it may take 1 to 4 hours and driver don't have time to wait around for me to call them back. So a deposit is a good idea. A deposit should be no more then 150.00 per vehicle or less with a multi vehicle discount and a military discount.

If you need your car truck or vehicle picked up door to door and shipped on a certain day don't opt for a low quote or a waiting price. Yes you may get lucky but its a chance you take if you have a deadline to meet and you can't afford to not get your car picked up and are paying for a rental car.

The best time to ship your car is any time as long as you understand the zoning, vehicle you are shipping and time of year or season. the most important aspect to ship a car is the quoted ship price. From NJ to CA, LA area is $1150 ship price for a Honda Accord, or Chevy Impala, Toyota Camry, BMW 325, etc. If you are trying to ship a Lincoln Town car your car will take up more room.

When you are ready to ship a car in an open or enclosed car trailer call us first to get a car shipping quote and we can transport your auto coast to coast.

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